Dragon City Hack Tool V3.2 (DIRECT DOWNLOAD)

Dragon City Hack Tool V3.2
Dragon City is a Facebook game developed by Social Point. You collect and raise and breed different kinds of dragons to get another type. The rarer the dragon the better it is. You need tons of luck to obtain those rare dragons. There are also PVP system in which you enter a tournament and battles different player on your level.

You need tons of resources like Gold, Food and Gems to become strong. Gold and Food are quite easy to get but gems are very hard. With this hack you can get extra Gold, Food and specially Gems just by using this tool. No need to push your luck in order to get those very rare dragon. You can easily get that using this tool. The hack is very safe because it runs on a controlled environment. This is probably the best Dragon City Hack ever made.

- Gold, Food and Gem Hack
- Multi-browser Compatibility
- 100% Safe and Undetectable
- Abuse Protection
- User Friendly


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Recommended browser: Firefox or Chrome


Q: Is it safe? Will I get ban from using this hack?
A: Its 100% safe. It just replace some part of the game data which is totally undetectable. It also offers an abuse protection which stop the hack when the limit is reach.
Q: What's the limit of this hack?
A: 500 gems is the limit. Once you reach that limit, gem hack will stop working. You need to wait for 1 week for the gem hack to work again. Food and Gold hack will still work. You can use the Food and Gold Hack for as many times as you want. Only the Gem hack will not work even if you put an amount on the Gem.

Q: Why only 500 gems?
 A: 500 gems is the safest. We already tried several values, but values greater than 500 gems triggers some inconsistency on the data that may lead to detection of the hack. 1 week waiting period is also needed since Social Point do a test every week.


Version 1.0
Initial release. Beta Testing
Version 1.5
Added Safari on browser. Minor bug fix.
Version 2.0
Update injection file inline with Dragon City's major update
Reported bug fix.
Version 2.1
Minor bug fix.
 Version 2.4
Update the interface and some major bug fix.
 Version 3.0
Update injection file inline with Dragon City's major update.
 Version 3.2
Update injection file inline with Dragon City's major update.
Added Security Features (Due to abusive use).
Reported bug fix.
Improve performance.